Financing with our Local Federal Credit Union - VFCU

Financing for the New Year with our Local Federal Credit Union

Are you leaving 2022 with debt, or needing to pay for immediate expenses, but without any additional income? We understand the frenzy of holiday shopping can be overwhelming for some financially. Our local federal credit union in Harlingen wants you to know there are services to help support your income, and help you build financial freedom in the new year. 

Check out our loans in Harlingen online, become a member, and learn about three financing options you can apply for now.

Loyalty Loans

When applying for loyalty loans, you can get the money you need quickly and easily without having to touch your savings. And with our local federal credit union you can receive up to $1,500 just for signing up! You should know: 

  • No credit check is required
  • There is a 30 dollar processing fee
  • Period payment is up to 12 months

You can request this service if:

  • You have a direct deposit account.
  • You must have direct deposit set up.
  • You’ve been a member of our credit union for at least a year.

Advantages of VFCU Membership Vs. Harlingen Banks

Sign up and become a VFCU member to gain access to more mobile banking benefits as well as a free credit score just for signing up on our Mobile Banking App! Compared to Harlingen banks we offer lower interest rates, less loan requirements, and better borrowing periods.

VFCU services are also being provided to non-members, but all you’ll need is to provide some information and every banking benefit could be available to you!

Check out More Local Federal Credit Union Services

Consolidation Loans

Need money to pay off your other creditors and other loans? VFCU has your covered with consolidation loans! Take the opportunity to sign up and receive the finances you need to pay off your other debtors while also receiving fixed rates. Apply online and take advantage of the VFCU member benefits! 

Signature/Personal Loans 

Need finances on things that matter most to you? Get the money you need for the holidays and more by applying for VFCU signature and or personal loans Harlingen-based! With up to 100% of financing available, get all your financing done in one place and gift yourself a stress-free holiday season by applying for VFCU signature loans. 

Apply for Loans Online

Contact us for more information about our services. Get ahold of the necessary finances when you go gift shopping this year! 

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