7 Tips from Federal Credit Union Harlingen on Retirement

7 Tips from our Federal Credit Union Harlingen Branch on Handling Retirement

Early retirement may seem like an unattainable dream for some or not a priority for others. However, putting in the time now can significantly impact your savings with our federal credit union Harlingen branch. Early retirement can be done in various ways, and we want to share a few tips and services that can help from our credit union – the Harlingen branch.

Do You Want Early Retirement?

Gaining financial independence doesn’t have to mean squeezing every dime out of your earned paycheck. Typically, the first step to early retirement saving means figuring out how you want to save your money. Establishing a savings plan daily will give you an idea of how to separate your money.

VFCU members can grow their savings with a:

First Take Inventory

One of the first things to note when you plan for your savings is calculating your total earnings, then calculating your spending. Making the time to track down where your money goes is one of the first steps to getting yourself more organized about your money.

Establish Your Target Number

Determine how much money you’ll put into your retirement savings, and make that your target number. Then by adding up that same number monthly or from paycheck to paycheck, you’ll see how much you can accumulate throughout the years leading up to your actual retirement.

Live Below Your Means

Spending your hard-earned money can be difficult, but overspending how much you earn can have consequences. Instead, focus on your current expenses and distribute accordingly. Any spending can do more harm than good if you aren’t careful.

Max Out Your Retirement Accounts

Prioritizing your retirement savings can eventually max out your desired amounts within a given time. Furthermore, having to put a significant amount of savings into your retirement account can have benefits.

Consider Paying off Big Expenses

Eliminating other potential debt from your finances, such as a mortgage or school debt, can impact your retirement savings. Pay off what you can towards these significant expenses early, so you have more floating income to work with is worthwhile.

Make a Back-up Plan

There will be times when things may go unplanned, and you may have to start looking into potential mishaps. Whatever the case, it’s essential to have your savings prepared for any worst-case scenarios that could eventually happen.

Questions to Consider

Planning your early retirement funds may seem unimportant, but it can have benefits if done right. Although there are some questions regarding early retirement, and with that being said, let’s take a look at the benefits of saving for early retirement! 

Do You Have a Retirement Plan at Work?

Employers offer contributions such as retirement funds that vary depending on salary, but most times, the percentage value may be low. This is why saving up for retirement alone can accumulate the right amount of necessary funds would be considered a self-investment.

Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

Even if you don’t save regularly, having an emergency fund with at least six months’ rent or mortgage payment can be beneficial.

Have You Considered Back Up Health Insurance Plans?

Once you reach a certain age, leaving your employer can mean cutting ties with your employee benefits such as health insurance. Consider what kind of health plans and services will be available once you begin to reach your retirement.

Finance with Our Federal Credit Union Harlingen Branch

Worry less about your finances and take advantage of our services and member benefits!

Once you have all the necessary tools for financial stability, prioritizing your retirement savings will seem easy. Contact Us for more information and see if you can become a member of VFCU!

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