New Recreational Vehicle Loans to be Summer Ready!

Get Ready for the Summer with a New Recreational Vehicle

Are you interested in purchasing a vehicle or a new recreational vehicle for summer vacation? Let our credit union in Harlingen assist you! Our duty as a credit union is to provide you with only the best services and options to give you all the necessities to make your vacation a success with less stress involved.

Why Borrow with a Credit Union in Harlingen?

A credit union is a non-profit banking institution meant to serve our members by offering affordable services with better rates and fees than you see with a for-profit bank. Unlike Harlingen banks, we reinvest those profits into our services. Not only do we give our members the best rates and services, but we do our best to serve our community and provide the best finances available to you!

Find the Right Finances for Your New Recreational Vehicle

Your first step in finding reasonable prices and rates for your future vehicle is financing with a credit union. Furthermore, with VFCU, you are likely to receive lower interest rates since dealers tend to have higher interest rates. Commercial dealers can add a markup to the interest rates when they connect you with the lender. The best way to finance your purchase is by following these steps and saving a lot more on your vehicle:

● Put 20% down

● Keep the term as short as you can afford

● Pay for sales tax, fees, and “extras” with cash

● Check your credit score before you go to the dealership

● If your credit score isn’t perfect, get financing quotes before you go

In addition, getting the chance to gain a good credit score can significantly increase your chances of getting your vehicle. Not only will the dealership be able to consider your interest in purchasing, but VFCU can allow you to borrow more financing to invest in your vehicle and gain the satisfaction of maintaining your vehicle with ease.

motorcycle loans

Motorcycle, Boat, or RV Insurance with VFCU

Lending for a motorcycle, boat, or RV comes with some perks. You may be able to receive the following:

● Refinancing

● Up to 100% Financing

● Low-cost extended warranty

● Credit disability and life insurance are available

● Guaranteed asset protection, available for purchase

Apply Online Hassle Free

Apply online easily for a loan on a new recreational vehicle from the comfort of your home, and feel free to contact us with questions regarding the loan application process.

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