8 Summer Saving Tips from our Credit Union in Harlingen

8 Summer Saving Tips from our Credit Union – Harlingen Branch.

Need help having enough money during the year? You can make effective money-habit changes starting now in the summer with these saving tips. Save more money and relieve your money management stress with these ten tips from our credit union Harlingen branch.

Be Smart About Scheduling

It’s best to plan a date for your vacation or trip, set a date, and use ways to save money on traveling by searching for potential savings online using travel apps or travel services. Find many deals and save money on flights, rentals, and hotel services.

Track Your Spending

Take the time to determine where your spending goes, and write down everything you spend your money on. This will help you become more aware and track your spending and how much you are spending.

Set Limits

Did you know you can track your finances and set a personal limit with our VFCU Mobile Banking App? Download the app and:

  • Pay your bills on time with Bill Pay.
  • Make automatic transfers to your accounts.
  • View history, current and available balances.
  • Easily upload your checks through Mobile Check Deposit.

Don’t Skimp on Savings

A savings account is most important when it comes to saving your money. It’s essential to take advantage of your savings account in case of emergencies or just something to have as a backup in case you run out of money for any situation. This means paying yourself first when you get your income, then paying off your monthly expenses. We offer savings accounts too!

Eliminate Expenses

Cut off any unnecessary spending such as subscriptions, memberships, or other services you aren’t using now to save more money in the process. This is where making a budget comes into full practice.

  • Follow a new budgeting plan.
  • Be gracious to yourself when you have to pray for unexpected expenses.
  • Pay your retirement accounts first, then pay your monthly bills, loan, or credit payments.
  • Create a budgeting plan that covers the essentials first, then weekly needs such as gas.

Focus on Free Activities

If you are looking for fun for the family, research summer ideas suitable for the backyard or in your city. Look at local places with free activities that you can join, such as libraries and parks, and recreation centers. Save money and attend these free events at absolutely no cost to you.

Make Smart Swaps

Make certain swaps and adapt to a different lifestyle to save money by using these habits:

● Carpool with friends and save gas.

● Open up a STAR checking account.

● Buy generic brands at the grocery store.

● Cook from home instead of spending on eating out.

Earn Extra Cash

Pick up a side hustle and make some extra cash to save money! You can do so by:

● Host garage sales.

● Dog-sit, baby-sit or house-sit.

● Apply for a part-time job online.

● Run errands for others and earn money.

Use these Saving Tips & Contact our Credit Union Harlingen Branch

Apply for the financing you need just in time for the summer with these saving tips! Become a VFCU member today and get access to our affordable lending rates at our credit union – Harlingen branch. Contact us today and get access to many VFCU member benefits.

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