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Apply for an Auto Loan – Which One is Right for You?

Let’s face it: everyone needs a car nowadays! Auto loans are a type of loan that can help give you the finances you need to gain the finances you need for New and Used vehicles. You may even be considering a motorcycle. We want to share financing tips and our latest auto loan rates to help you get that sweet new ride! Learn how to apply for an auto loan today.

Tips on How You Can Buy Your Car 

Although auto loans are your best bet for paying for your car, there are a few things you should consider before even applying for them. Get approved by following these steps that will get you one step ahead in your car-buying journey: 

  • Improve your credit
  • Compare prices online
  • Shop around for potential options
  • Call different dealerships and compare those prices

Consider Your Budget

Before considering buying your car, you must consider important factors that could hinder your car-buying process. These factors are:

  • Gas
  • Maintenance
  • Insurance cost
  • Vehicle repairment
  • Affording a down payment
  • Amount to pay each month after purchase

Budgeting Hacks

To get all the finances you need for your car or vehicle, it’s essential to be innovative and consider budgeting your income. Organize your income in a way that best fits your lifestyle. Budgeting options to consider are : 

  • 50/30/20 rule
  • Envelope budget
  • Zero-based budget

You and Your Credit

Your credit is among the most important things when buying and purchasing items anywhere and anytime. Having bad credit means it will be challenging to approve, gradually affecting your finances. Fortunately, Valley Federal Credit Union works with all credit scores. Contact us today to learn how. 

Apply for an Auto Loan

VFCU has just what you need when it comes to auto loans. Not only do we offer up to one hundred percent financing, but you can apply quickly online and even get credit disability or life insurance on the loan.

Our current rates:

  • New auto loan up to 75 months as low as 5.15%**
  • New auto loan up to 84 months as low as 6.50%**
  • Used auto loan up to 72 months as low as 6.50%**
  • Used auto loan up to 84 months as low as 7.50%**

Ask Us About Getting a Car in Harlingen

Contact us for more information, apply for an auto loan, and see if you can become a member of VFCU and gain access to plenty of membership benefits!

*Rates are subject to change without notice

**Certain terms and conditions apply. For more information visit our main office or our Harlingen branch.

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