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Open a Youth Share Draft with Our Harlingen Bank

Ever wonder if your teens or kids are prepared for handling money? Managing money isn’t just for grown-ups—it’s a cool skill that can take them far in life. Our Harlingen bank dives into why chatting about cash with your kids during the holiday season  is the key to helping them rock the future! 

Remember to take advantage of Holiday-Skip-a-Payment this season and help your kid open a Youth Share Draft.

Create Financial Goals with Your Kids

It’s never too early to teach your young ones to start saving! Here are a few things to look forward to when creating an account for your kids:

  • It encourages the development of long-term saving habits, instilling the value of setting money aside for future goals and emergencies.
  • Managing their own account fosters a sense of financial responsibility and independence from an early age.
  • Having a savings account can help your child establish an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.
  • Owning a savings account gives your child a sense of ownership and control over their finances.
  • It’s a safe place for your child to store money received as gifts or allowances.
  • As your child watches their savings grow, it can boost their financial confidence and decision-making
  • It prepares them for managing more complex financial instruments and decisions as they grow up.
  • It helps your child understand the value of money and the effort required to earn and save it.
  • Funds saved in a child’s savings account can be used for future education, a car, or other significant life expenses.

Open a Youth Share Draft

You can open a Youth Share Draft, checking account that helps kids learn to balance their expenses. This account has:

  • No Monthly Service Fee
  • VFCU ATMs are Free to Use
  • Visa Debit (with UChoose Rewards Points)
  • Free Online Banking: Bill Pay, e-Statements, Mobiliti, Text Alerts

Use as a Learning Tool

When opening an account, you can use the opportunity to teach your kids about managing finances. Help your kids learn the best practices for managing money examples include:

  • Setting aside portions of allowances
  • Understanding short-term and long-term savings
  • Giving your kids an early start in finances will help them understand its value and will be seasoned pros when they turn 18 years of age

How We Help

During the holiday season, many parents deal with expenses for gift shopping, travel expenses, and festive celebrations. We offer several advantages to help alleviate the financial burden of these seasonal obligations. This includes:

Making credit unions a valuable resource for managing and funding your holiday expenses.

So Why Choose Us Over a Harlingen Bank?

Certainly! Here are three sentences and a list of reasons why a credit union can help with holiday expenses:

  • We lower interest rates and fees on holiday loans, making it more affordable to finance your seasonal expenses.
  • We provide holiday savings accounts that allow you to set aside money throughout the year, ensuring you have a fund ready for holiday shopping.
  • We prioritize our members’ financial budgeting to help you manage your holiday spending effectively.

Check Out the VFCU Holiday Christmas Club

Looking for ways to save for the holidays? Be on the lookout VFCU has services that can best help you with your savings, and will contribute to your dedication by increasing a certain amount of interest in an effort to help your savings grow the more you save!

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