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About Us

Valley Federal Credit Union is a progressive, family-oriented financial institution, 10,000 members strong. It was chartered in 1935 as only a five-member institution in a home of one of its chartered members on Levee St. in Brownsville, TX. As the city grew, so did Valley Federal Credit Union. It wasn’t long before Valley Federal Credit Union had enough members to afford a larger office at the Federal Building located on 10th and Elizabeth Street in Brownsville.

The year was 1954. In the early days, members sometimes had to wait for outstanding loans to be repaid before they could borrow money themselves. Ultimately, membership increased, so sufficient funds were deposited and available for loans without having to wait.

In 1978, 53 years after Valley Federal Credit Union was chartered, its headquarters relocated to its current site at 183 E. Price Road in Brownsville. It also gained strength from merges with County, State, and Federal employees. The charter has been amended through the years to admit small entities throughout Cameron County. Since 2004, we amended our charter to include the under-served of Cameron County which include those who live, work, attend school or worship in Cameron County.

Throughout our long history, Valley Federal Credit Union has pioneered taking the benefits of a credit union to its members. It’s future promises the same commitment to providing convenient services.

The Best Option

VFCU offers services other banks and credit unions may not. While other establishments offer similar services such as checking, credit cards and home equity loans, the similarities stop there. In conjunction with all of these amenities, VFCU also offers lower interest rates, fewer fees and better incentives for new members.

When compared to banks, there is just no competition. Check out a few other reasons listed below on why VFCU is the best choice!

  • Opened our doors in 1935 – Over 80 years of business
  • Personalized service
  • Live call center
  • Competitive rates
  • MasterCard with fixed rates
  • Deposits credited up until 6:00 PM
  • In-house loan approvals
  • ATMs located at over 700 Stripes stores
  • Overdraft protection
  • Courtesy pay up to $500.00 (Including fees)
  • Valley’s first “Student Run Branch” (Los Fresnos High School)
  • All drive-up windows open during regular business hours
  • Appointments can be scheduled when needed
Valley Federal Credit Union Other Banks
Not-for-profit financial cooperatives For-profit corporations
Tax-exempt because not-for-profit and owned by depositors Pay taxes on profits distributed to outside shareholders
Loan rates capped at 18% Rates are unregulated
Organized to serve a specified FOM Open to the public
Owned by the Members and democratically controlled Owned/controlled by outside stockholders
Focus–consumer loans and member savings Focus on commercial loans and accounts
Dividends paid to members Dividends paid to Stockholders
Voluntary Board Members and committees Paid Board of Directors
Known for favorable rates and service Known for higher fees and less favorable rates
Insured to $250,000 by NCUASIF Insured to $250,000 by FDIC
No Bail-Out money Needed bail-out (Tarp)
Motivated to Maximize SERVICE Motivated to maximize PROFITS