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Breaking Up

Most Americans have a bank account by the time they are 18.  At this age, people are encouraged to start building credit and learning key money management skills.  Since so many people open bank accounts early on, they are less likely to look around for better options as the years pass.

Like so many relationships we start as young adults, we learn that there are plenty other fish in the sea when it comes to banking.  There is no reason to stay with a bank that does not offer exciting rewards, care you need and special treatment to all customers and not just to VIPs.

Credit Unions provide this to their members.

With a credit union, you avoid unnecessary expenses and banking fees, unfair rates and feeling like you’re just another account rather than a special member whose needs are catered to.

Credit Unions aim to help their members and always look out for their needs.  This is not the case when it comes to large bank corporations where account holders have no control over the way their finances are handled.

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Breaking up is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be when Valley Federal Credit Union in Harlingen and Brownsville is here to help you make a smooth transition.  Call our team at (956) 546-3108 to apply for membership. Let’s get to know each other.