Making the Switch: Why More Americans Are Choosing Credit Unions Over Banks

Making the Switch: Why More Americans Are Choosing Credit Unions Over Banks

2008 saw one of the most serious banking crises to happen since the Great Depression. Banking institutions were on the verge of collapse and the American people’s trust for them began to falter. Most big-name banks have been labeled as profit institutions, costing Americans an arm and a leg for fees and services while incompetently caring for their finances. It’s no wonder that many of their customers have begun switching over to credit unions in the past few years. These institutions are known for providing exceptional services while upholding their members’ best financial interests.

Say Goodbye to Outrageous Banking Fees

Big name banks are infamous for the countless fees they charge customers. Sure, they will cover you if you accidentally overdraw your account. That coverage comes with a hefty price tag, though. It does not take an expert to know that you are getting the short end of the deal if you are paying $30 and over for overdrawing your account by just a couple of dollars. This is not to say that credit unions do not charge overdraft fees. They do; however, these fees are not as outrageous as the larger banks’ and the same goes for other costs, including monthly maintenance and ATM fees.

Experience Top Notch Customer Service

Credit unions are smaller, not-for-profit financial institutions. They save money by operating this way and pass those savings onto their members with personalized customer service. Credit unions are structured to serve residents of local communities across the country.  Their services are created with their members’ interests in mind and customer satisfaction rates continue to surpass those of major banks. When it comes to superior customer service, credit unions are the way to go.

Break Free from Traditional Banking

Credit unions offer better options for financial security nowadays. It is no surprise that more Americans are escaping the shackles of traditional banking and switching over to their local credit union for their financial needs. Their fee structure alone is enough to convince customers of larger banks to make the switch. You will keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket by knowing that you are a member and not just a customer.

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