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Own It

With the way traditional banks operate, there is little room for account holders to be in control. There are few incentives, pricey services and constant changes. This prevents banks from providing customer needs. While this is sometimes inevitable in life, it should not be the case when your money is involved.

Valley Federal Credit Union in Brownsville and Harlingen is always focused on meeting member needs. Our team knows you do not need added anxiety when it comes to finances.

Unite and Take Charge

While the aforementioned issues are not uncommon at larger banks, there are matters credit union members are unfamiliar with. While at regular banks, money management is up to the bank and this is the opposite at credit unions. Credit unions give their members control of how their money is managed. It works like a democracy and every member has a voice. All members are shareholders, which means everyone owns part of the bank. This allows members to be in control and take charge of their share.

Credit unions are also not for profit, so your money is always coming back to you. This may seem like the credit union is not earning money. It does earn a profit, however, so do the members and shareholders. The money is just not being made off the members solely, so you can always feel secure in knowing you are not being taken advantage of.

Credit unions also rarely require a minimum balance, so many people can start an account without being charged. Other fees and rates are also less or nonexistent. Credit unions offer competitive rates that benefit members.

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