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Benefits of joining a credit union

It’s not easy trusting others with your finances. Banks can often take advantage of you and charge you fees and high interest rates, and may not provide you a strong return on your investments.

A credit union changes the perception you may have about banks. Unlike a traditional bank, federal credit unions make your best interest their priority. Credit unions provide all of the same services you would receive at a bank, but generally with lower interest rates, higher returns on your investments and personal service.

Why choose a credit union?

Because credit unions are democratic, member owned cooperatives, every member, regardless of his/her account size, will enjoy the same benefits and will have a voice in the governance of the organization.

Some of the benefits you can expect from a credit union include:

  • One a member, always a member policy
  • Higher interest rates on basic savings accounts
  • Interest bearing checking accounts and CD’s
  • Bonus dividends when available
  • Lower interest rates on credit cards and loans than most banks

Many young families who are just starting out have very demanding financial needs and most often, they are required to stretch their limited dollars. From credit cards to car loans, credit unions consistently offer lower rates, better terms and lower fees than most banks.

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