Rewards of Credit Unions, Brownsville Credit Union, Harlingen Credit Union

Rewards of Credit Unions

Credit unions are very similar to banks at first glance. Both offer services such as credit cards, checking accounts, home equity loans, auto and other loans. Though this may seem like everything you need to manage your finances, there are more convenient customer services offered to members that will make managing your money more rewarding.

Valley Federal Credit Union in Harlingen, Los Fresnos, Brownsville and other locations around the Valley have a lot to offer their members. Contact (956) 546-3108 to speak with a representative to learn why becoming a member could offer you more convenient services.

  • Great personal service
  • A call center for members to take care of their needs over the phone
  • Credit Cards have a fixed rate and no fees for cash advances
  • Deposits credited until 6:00 pm prevent busy members from rushing to the bank
  • VFCU offers in-house loan approval
  • Over 500 Stripes ATM’s around the Rio Grande Valley
  • Overdraft protection of $500
  • All drive-up windows opened at all times
  • Personal Appointments may be scheduled as needed with an expert team member
  • Mobile Units make taking care of business an expedient process

The customer service you receive from a local credit union is unlike the service you are sure to get from a more corporate bank. As a local credit union, we know what it is you need and what will make your experience more satisfying.

Contact Brownsville’s credit union at (956) 546-3108 to learn how you can become a member, or visit our offices in Brownsville, Harlingen or Los Fresnos. Valley Federal Credit Union is waiting to hear from you.