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Student Credit Union Members

Before students begin their college careers, preparations must be made.  Most of these preparations are related to finances in one way or another.  Money must be saved, accounts must be made and effective spending habits must be developed.

Becoming a member of Valley Federal Credit Union will help you jumpstart your career as a college student.  With the many benefits members gain from joining a credit union, you are guaranteed a more pleasant banking experience.

Managing Your Money

For many students, going to college, this is the first time they will experience independence.  Building responsible spending habits is very important, but it is not as common as it should be. Many students run up credit card bills during college and this can damage credit scores.  Another way credit can be affected is through student loans.

Becoming a member of a credit union can open many doors to students.  Credit unions offer student loans at competitive rates that are more favorable for students.  As credit union members, students are also advised to start and maintain a savings account.  While maintaining a savings account can be difficult for young adults, Valley Federal Credit Union offers insight to the importance of saving and effective habits.  With a savings account, students can pay off credit or refrain from using credit at all.  While borrowing money seems like a great idea, it is not typically advised to do so, unless it is through an education loan that will help you pay for tuition.

Contact VFCU

Managing your finances can be difficult if your money is not where it’s supposed to be.  Become a student member of Valley Federal Credit Union where you can take advantage of student loans and financial advice.  Contact VFCU in Harlingen and Brownsville at 956-546-3108 for more information.