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7 Harlingen Credit Union Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is one of the best times of the year to get together with friends and family for fun and special occasions. Most of the occasions a majority of American families participate in are cookouts and vacations. Our Harlingen credit union wants for you and your loved ones to have great fun in the summer while saving as much as possible. Read on for a few tips to do both!

Ask us about the many ways we can help you save over the summer. Valley Federal Credit Union is here to help you soak up the sunshine and save.

Ask for Help

If you’re anything like a typical South Texas family, then count on the entire extended family to make an appearance at your get-together. We understand that asking family members to help out with costs can be uncomfortable, but if it’s an annual event, like a Fourth of July celebration or Christmas reunion, then it isn’t uncommon for loved ones to help out. As keeping track of costs can be difficult, make it easier for yourself with our checking accounts, which are free!

Saving for a Day at the Beach

Everyone wants to look beach-ready during the summer, yet outfits from online clothing stores can be quite expensive. Consider looking through your closet for anything with bright summer colors. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having a swimsuit around that you’ve worn before!

Also, consider raiding your local thrift shop. You’d be surprised with the things you can find. You’ll be saving a few dollars while keeping your savings account full for any future needs.

Find Discounts When Possible

We know that when you’re traveling with family, stopping to view a few attractions can be enticing. How often does one have the chance to view the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore? However, pass on extremely expensive attractions if you can. You can instead look online for vacation packages that include attractions and hotels at a discounted price.

Summer Projects

Considering a DIY summer project? Launch or download Pinterest and find something inexpensive to make yourself, which can also be a fun activity with the family. All you have to do is search for “Summer Activities” and, trust us, you’ll find inspirations galore. These projects can include home and clothing decorations, paintings and fun meals!

Plan for Next Year

Hit the aisles of your nearest clothing or arts and crafts store after summer has ended for sales. Most stores offer a steep discount on decorations and anything that is summer-related. This can include clothes and decorations. Save them for next year and stock up. Don’t worry about fashion trends, though. Summer trends tend to say consistent throughout the years.

City Activities

Free city activities are one of the best things about summer. There are parades, contests and live music events to keep you and your family entertained. Take the kids out to a concert and enjoy the day while listening to live music. It’s a great contrast to staying at home for another boring movie night. Brave the outdoors and your children will enjoy the days.

Finance Your Outdoor Adventure

Do you love the great outdoors? Did you know our Harlingen credit union can finance your RV, boats and motorcycles! July is a great time to go camping and there are many great places here in South Texas to pitch a tent, start a campfire and roast some hot dogs. Parks offer advanced reservations for popular camping spots, too. Do your research online before packing the car and heading out.

Save With our Harlingen Credit Union

Whether you’re trying to camp, plan a summer party or need other resources to help you save, VFCU has great services that will make a difference for you. Start now to help grow your checking or savings account. Visit our Harlingen credit union today for more information about our services.

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