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Harlingen Credit Union Personal Loans to Help Afford College!

Loans and why you need them

A loan is a commitment that you (the borrower) will receive money from a lender like our Harlingen Credit Union, and you will pay back the total borrowed, with added interest, over a defined time period. Although a majority of banks will allow you to apply for a loan there are still a few factors that can determine your credibility. Getting a student loan is a pretty straightforward process, but there are several requirements in order to apply for a loan, these loan requirements include : 

  • Demonstrating financial need
  • Be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Have a social security number
  • Provide financial stability

With that in mind, without a reliable source of income, many individuals may end up risking most of their well-earned money to the bank instead and often go into debt. With careful planning, and a stable income, student debt is well worth it if you want to pursue that degree. Banks like Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU) help individuals who are considering their education and apply for loans to aid them financially. VFCU can provide personalized assistance, and with their competitive rates, you can manage your money in no time. VFCU also has a live call center to answer any or all of your financial questions. Their signature loans are an alternative investment for things like back-to-school costs, and other bank-related inquiries. With VFCU you don’t even have to be a bank member to apply, all you’d have to do is provide some information and you’ll have your loan in no time!

Your Career

If you want to establish a career and have an idea of what you want to study, then going back to school might have been on your mind. You want to have an established career and hopefully progress to a possible future for yourself that you can be proud of. A part-time or full-time job is sufficient, but it probably won’t cover the majority of the necessities that you may need. However, if you have no idea how to pay for school, then investing in loans could just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Your Credit Union Loan

Loans may seem very intimidating, but there are some benefits to applying for loans. The advantages of getting loans are :

  • Flexibilty – VFCU can help you make easy payments by setting up direct deposits or sending payments online, and get updates on your loan with just a call or click away. 
  • Cost-effectiveness – VFCU makes loans much more affordable with their reasonable interest rates, they offer up to 48 – 60 months’ worth of fixed interest rates. 
  • Credit Improvement – There’s no better way to start improving your credit with VFCU, let a professional help put your mind at ease and provide you with affordable and low-interest rates.

Personal Accounts

Although receiving a loan is one thing, ensuring an account to secure your finances is another thing. Creating an account with VFCU can help secure your finances as well as give you account information on your loans and payments. VFCU wants to give every student an opportunity to gain financial ground and tackle those financial challenges by giving students the right services to aid in their financial struggles. This includes accounts such as savings and personal accounts in order to help you put all of your money in one place and help you establish healthy financial habits. 

Ready for Back to School with Our Harlingen Credit Union

Loans with VFCU have many benefits as well, it’s quick, easy, and affordable. Most students pay off student loans long-term, but VFCU can make things easier with their personal student loans. Your career and education are important to you, so why not invest by getting a loan with VFCU! 

Still have more questions concerning your financial future? Check out VFCU on their website for more information! 

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