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Apply for a Recreational Vehicle Loan this Summer at Our Harlingen Credit Union!

It’s always possible to invest in RV for the summer with a recreational vehicle loan! With Valley Federal Credit Union (VFCU), you can rent or purchase your next joyride just in time for summer vacation! So please don’t delay, and check out our different financial solutions to ensure your summer vacation time is a blast! Read on to learn what we offer.

Motorcycle, Boat, and Recreational Vehicle Loans

With VFCU, you can get your ideal vehicle for your summertime activities to spend with your friends and family! We provide financing for new boats, campers, and motorcycles at the best rates for your convenience. Apply today, and you may be able to receive the following:

  • Refinancing available
  • Guaranteed asset protection
  • Low-cost extended warranty
  • Up to 100% financing is available
  • Credit disability and life insurance

Learn more! Apply and become a member today and get ahold of VFCU financial benefits!

Differences Between Motorcycles, Boats, and RVs

Need help finding the right vehicle for the summer? We got you covered! Here are a few examples of the vehicles we finance:

  • Motorcycle or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) – two to four-wheeled motor vehicles, usually equipped with handlebars and saddle-style seats.
  • Boats and watercraft are covered by VFCU and are distinguished by their sizes, shapes, and cargo/passenger capacity.
  • RV (Recreational Vehicle) and campers are a unique hybrid between vehicles and homes. It’s a beautiful way to travel or see a country without the hassle of flying, PLUS you get built-in accommodations.

Why Choose VFCU?

We give our members comparable rates compared to other Harlingen banks and do our best to serve our community and provide the best finances available. With a credit union, you can:

  • Earn potential bonus dividends on rates on investment accounts.
  • Get lower interest rates on loans compared to other Harlingen banks.
  • Apply for loans easily online, even if concerned about a low credit score.
  • Open up different kinds of investment accounts, money marketIRAand STAR Checking.

Contact Us to Apply for a Recreational Vehicle Loan

Get other potential benefits of our loans by applying online or for more information. Contact us for more information and to become a member of VFCU, and gain access to plenty of membership benefits!

*Rates are subject to change without notice

**Certain restrictions apply. For more information, visit our main office or our Harlingen branch.

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