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7 Budgeting Tips to Prepare for Back-To-School

Back-to-school financing can be challenging and mentally draining if you don’t plan your finances. One way to help is by budgeting while taking the time to budget can make a difference. These budgeting tips can help you afford your monthly needs and back-to-school essentials.

Start on the right track with these budgeting tips from our Brownsville credit union!

back to school budgeting tips

Write down your Budget

Plan what you will spend beforehand and do your best to write it down on notes or a digital reminder. Plan and write down what you will buy and budget around those items. Doing this in advance allows you to go into the store with a plan and not over-buy.

Comparison Prices

Before the school season, some stores and items will typically promote specific commodities. It’s a good idea to compare stores to find the items you need. Some stores may have what you’re looking for. This way, you can determine where to get them.

Look for Discounts

During and before the school season, most stores will promote and sell items based on needs and statistics, allowing those items to be sold on discount or by promotion. Whether online or in-store, it’s best to take advantage of those discounts and sales. You can receive discounts by:

● Coupons

● Sale events

● Retailer apps

● Email subscriptions

● Social media sites

Plan for Ongoing Expenses

Even during the school season, items will be necessary for when the school season progresses. Planning for those cases can benefit you if you don’t have the best finances in the world. To prepare for those times, spend less on unnecessary items and save money for school-related expenses.

Review Your Spending

Keeping track of your purchases and spending could be the best thing you can do before and during the school year. Do so by downloading our VFCU Mobile Banking App. Writing down all your expenses can show you how much you spend and the value of your purchases.

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