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Payment-Free Holiday Financing with Our Harlingen Bank

If you’re looking for ways to catch a break with your finances, don’t worry; our skip-a-pay feature from our Harlingen bank is now available during the holidays! Put off a payment during the holiday season, and pay it at a later month. Learn more about this feature and other ways to gain finances for the upcoming holidays! 

Your Holiday Finances

The holidays are here, and it’s a marvelous time to spend time with family while also enjoying a few family-friendly activities that include: 

  • Traveling 
  • Shopping for gifts
  • Holiday expenses

Tips For Your Holiday Financing

If you’re preoccupied with finding ways to prepare for your holiday finances, then check out these tips and tricks to help you financially! Your holiday expenses should be easy, so why not focus on the holidays with these financing tips? Some of these financing tips include:

  • Consider homemade gifts
  • Plan for after the holidays
  • Stick to your holiday budget
  • Set a budget for each person 
  • Be a Grinch with impulse buys
  • Shop around and look for deals
  • Don’t forget about other holiday expenses

Stick To Your Holiday Budget

Your best approach is to set and plan a budget and do your best to follow it. Take the time to sort out and determine how much you want to spend. Moreover, you should also factor in the items you wish to purchase to budget and save for them accordingly.

Set A Budget for Each Person

Ensure you spend a certain amount of money by setting up a budget for gifts for each person you provide with facilities. Always set up a purchasing limit and go by that limit to abide by it when shopping for gifts. 

Be A Grinch with Impulse Buys

During the holidays, it may be challenging to refrain from buying things on impulse due to exclusive deals at stores that make you want to buy more than needed. Keep following your budget and keep your finances on track by purchasing gifts ahead of time instead of worrying about more expensive facilities that exceed your limit. 

Shop Around and Look for Deals

Holiday shopping means holiday deals! Therefore, shopping at places that give a significant amount of discounts is always a good thing. Whether online shopping or in-store, there’s no way you can turn away a great deal, especially if it could save you lots of money on your holiday shopping!

Consider Homemade Gifts

If you’re on a tight budget, consider crafting or making gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. There’s nothing wrong with being considerate and careful during the holidays, and you can’t go wrong with a heartwarming gift for your family, either! 

Don’t Forget About Other Holiday Expenses

Aside from gifts, it would help if you considered other things that play a factor in the holidays. So it’s best to prepare and plan a budget for holiday activities like: 

  • Hosting parties
  • Party expenses     
  • Miscellaneous expenses

Plan For After The Holidays

Once the holiday aftermath is over, you should work around keeping yourself on track with your finances. Although having a planned budget system, you won’t have to worry much about your finances if you keep up with your budget. Learn how to finance for the new year.

Use UChoose Rewards this Season 

When you sign up for our membership services, you can receive many rewards with our UChoose rewards! Make purchases on your VFCU debit card and earn points to redeem:

  • Cash back
  • Travel discounts
  • Gift cards and merchandise

Loans and Lending Services

Loans are a few services that we have available to build credit or apply whenever you need finances on short notice. VFCU can help you quickly receive loans; with a quick click or call, you can get all the finances quickly! Our loan services include:

Request a Personal Loan from Our Harlingen Bank

Regarding the holidays, you shouldn’t worry much about your holiday spending. Instead, make all of your holiday expenses with a Personal loan. Contact us for more information and become a member of VFCU today.

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