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Credit Union Credit Card

Credit unions are becoming a more popular option amongst people looking to open checking accounts, savings accounts, or sign up for credit cards. Unlike banks, credit unions are comprised of members who are owners and customers. Members of a credit union make every decision based on what will benefit everyone in the group, whereas banks make decisions that will benefit their institution and not the customer. A credit union is designed to be more consumer-friendly and to provide alternate options of their services in comparison to banks.

Naming the Perks

Opening a credit card account with a credit union has its perks. They are much more willing to work with you than a financial banking institution. Here are some pros that are offered by credit unions:

  • Lower Everything– receive lower interest rates on credit cards, lower APRs on new purchases, and lower penalty rates or none at all on credit cards as opposed to banks.
  • Give You A 2nd Chance— If you applied for a credit card with a credit union and were initially denied, you can have the committee members at a credit union overview your paperwork again. In taking a second look, you can also explain your reasoning for deserving the chance to own a low-interest rate card.
  • Help During Tough Times— credit unions are willing to work with you in the event that you experience financial hardship. Altering credit card terms to help you is a perk you can receive with a credit union.
  • Protected Against Rate Spikes— The chances of seeing your intense changes or rate spikes on your credit card accounts are less likely with credit unions. Fixed rates are usually offered and maintained.

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Financial banking institutions lure customers in with misguided perks, and the result is just hassle after hassle. Join the Harlingen credit union and experience the amazing perks they have to offer.

For more information on credit unions, contact Valley Federal Credit Union at (956) 425-5668.


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