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Managing Your First Credit Card

Having good credit can help you finance a new vehicle, purchase a home, take out a loan or even receive a new credit card. However, credit cards have different interest rates that are based on your credit rating, which determines if you are a credit risk. Not knowing how to manage credit cards correctly can increase your interest rate and cause greater debt.

If you want more information on credit cards and how to build your credit, contact the Valley Federal Credit Union in Brownsville at 956-546-3108.

Benefits of Credit Cards

When used correctly, credit cards can provide you with many benefits. The right credit cards can help you build your credit history, allowing you to:

  • Qualify for lower rates on auto loans and mortgages
  • Reduce your insurance premiums, since many insurers use credit information to determine their prices
  • Get a decent apartment; many landlords check credit scores

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Whether you are beginning to build your credit history, or already have an extensive credit history, the Valley Federal Credit Union, in Brownsville, can help you manage your credit or open a new credit card account. For more information, contact VFCU at 956-546-3108.