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Open a Christmas Club Savings Account

Everyone enjoys holiday parties, gifts, and family vacations. But it is important to start saving now, so that you don’t find yourself in a rough financial situation during Christmas. Saving money throughout the year can provide relief when the time for shopping and decorating comes around. The stress of watching your checking account diminish or having to max out your credit cards can be prevented. Open a Christmas Club savings account and experience the benefits.

Christmas Club Information

The holidays are a time of enjoyment and celebration, so don’t let money become an issue. Allow yourself to experience financial liberty with a Christmas Club savings account. Create a budget favorable towards estimated expenses for this upcoming Christmas. Take into consideration the money you spent last Christmas for a general idea on how you need for the season. To get a head start on information regarding Christmas Clubs, here are some details:

  • It is a short-term savings account in which a designated amount of money is set aside via direct deposit approved by you
  • Most accounts are opened in January to acquire a year’s worth of savings
  • A minimum deposit fee may be required
  • Maintaining a minimum balance is required
  • All deposits are to be made by the end of October. Your money will be transferred to your shared account by November for withdrawal.
  • Penalties for early withdrawal are implemented
  • Interest rates are included and subject to change

In order to open a Christmas Club savings account, just give pay a visit to your local credit union. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t get caught up in a financial web of expenses. Enjoy the holidays without any concerns. Saving money now will save you a lot of trouble during Christmas.

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Saving money can be made easy with the help of your local credit union, so start saving now!

For help on opening a Christmas Club account, call the Harlingen credit union office of Valley Federal Credit Union at (956) 425-5668 or the Brownsville branch at (956) 546-3108.