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Savings Account

Saving money is something everyone should do, but often, it is difficult to get started. The fact is, everyone has to start somewhere, and starting is the hardest part. Having savings is something that might impact you in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Savings provide you with security in case of an unexpected expense, like a medical bill or car repair. If you want more information on opening a savings account, contact the Valley Federal Credit Union by visiting us at any of our locations, or by calling our main office in Brownsville at 956-546-3108.

Why open a savings account?

We often underestimate the importance of saving, but there are many reasons why it’s important to keep a savings account and ensure there’s always money in it.

  • Unanticipated spending – A car repair, medical expense or repair of your vehicle can put a serious dent in your finances. Having money saved, can help with these unexpected expenses.
  • Security – The funds you deposit in a savings or money market account are secured by FDIC insurance. That means that even if your bank goes under, the government will replace your funds up to a certain amount.
  • Independence from Credit – Savings accounts allow you to meet your financial goals without using credit. Savings allows you to pay for things you want, without having to borrow money.

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The Valley Federal Credit Union understands that managing your finances is not always easy, which is why they offer savings accounts and financial advice. For more information, contact the Valley Federal Credit Union by calling our main office in Brownsville at 956-546-3108.

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