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Debunking 3 Personal Loan Myths from our Harlingen Credit Union

It helps to have additional finances during the holidays to make ends meet. If you need money but aren’t sure where to get it, then a commercial Harlingen bank may sound appealing. However, they usually offer unfixed interest rates. Our credit union in Harlingen provides financing for credit cards, auto loans, secured loans, and personal loans in Harlingen.

We want to debunk three borrowers’ fears about applying for a loan at our valley credit union.

Personal Loan Approval Takes Forever

False. Applying for any of our loans, including a Personal Loan, can be a quick and simple process! Please note:

woman on mattress while holiday shopping at Valley Credit Union Banks, Harlingen

Low Credit Means No Cash Back

This simply is not true. Just because you have a low credit score does not mean you cannot still get a loan. Our credit union can help you find the right financing option for you. Learn more about how credit scores can impact your finances.

Banks in Harlingen are Better than Credit Unions

There are a few advantages to working with a credit union instead of a bank. Our local federal credit union:

  • Has regulated loan rates.
  • Is a not-for-profit institution.
  • Insured up to 250 thousand dollars by NCUASIF.
  • Is known for more favorable fees compared to other banks in Harlingen.

Loyalty Loans are Still Available

Request up to $1,500 when you apply for a loyalty loan. You can request this service if you’ve been a VFCU member for at least a year and have a direct deposit account.

Send us a message online, or call (956) 425-5668 to reach our Harlingen local federal credit union office.

*Rates are subject to change without notice

**Certain Restrictions Apply. For more information visit our main office or our Harlingen branch.


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