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8 Bank Harlingen Credit Union Tips for Teens

Teaching teenagers about financial literacy is an investment in their future success. As parents or guardians, imparting essential money management skills to our teens is crucial for equipping them with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of personal finance. Our bank Harlingen explores eight practical tips to help teens develop strong financial... read more

3 FAQS on Personal Loans in Harlingen and Handling Debt

Why choose personal loans in Harlingen with VFCU? If you are considering applying for our personal/signature loans, don’t delay getting the best in finances for your credit card debt! Our loans are a perfect and great alternative when you need a loan for: ● Holidays ● Vacations ● Credit card expenses ● Back-to-school costs ● Family emergencies With up... read more

Our Harlingen Credit Union Shares 5 Factors That Harm Your Credit Score

Credit is one of the most important components in the world of finance. High credit scores help people receive loans for major purchases such as homes or cars. They also let your Harlingen credit union see that you’re responsible with your finances and that you’ll be able to repay a loan in a responsible manner.... read more

Debunking 3 Personal Loan Myths from our Harlingen Credit Union

It helps to have additional finances during the holidays to make ends meet. If you need money but aren’t sure where to get it, then a commercial Harlingen bank may sound appealing. However, they usually offer unfixed interest rates. Our credit union in Harlingen provides financing for credit cards, auto loans, secured loans, and personal... read more

3 Steps to Help You Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling This Holiday Season

Now that state and federal regulations regarding COVID-19 are lenient, many families are sure to travel during the holidays. While this can be exciting for everyone, one area of concern some people may not focus on is how to protect their personal information. Families risk having their identities stolen when they travel with social security... read more